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Can't get in to see Rachelle? Whether you live in Sydney but can't get in to see me or in London, Tel Aviv, Barcelona, Mexico City or anywhere around the world, you can now book a remote session with me. These remote sessions are incredibly effective and ensure you stay in balance. Get in touch to book your next remote or face to face session.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not a philosophy, this is physics” - Albert Einstein


How does the surrogation process work?

Kinesiology works with the energy flow in the body.

When you act as a surrogate for someone else, you energetically step into the other person’s energy. (This is always done with the permission of the other person).

Person A energetically becomes person B (for the duration of the session only) so that the muscle testing is that of the person B not the individual being tested.

I confirm (with muscle monitoring) that I am testing the absent client and not the surrogate. Upon that confirmation, the session begins.

This is also true for the Neuro-Training balances completed during the session, ie. they are completed on the surrogate but the full effect is taken on by the client.


This can be done with the facilitator working on someone else who is surrogating for the client or the facilitator themselves can surrogate for the client whereby the testing and balances are completed on themsleves, the facilitator. For best results a photo and some DNA including nail clippings or some hair is sent in advance to the Kinesiologist.


When would you use a surrogate?

There are times it is not possible or practical to work on the client in need of the Kinesiology treatment.

A surrogate session is useful for:

  • people who are overseas and unable to attend the session

  • the elderly who cannot leave their chair without a great deal of help

  • anyone suffering from an injury which prevents them being able to move

    • young children who cannot yet understand the instructions to “hold” their muscle position

    • anyone who can not comfortably move in certain positions

    • anyone where language is an issue

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Es complicado describir mi experiencia con Rachelle, de un día a otro mi estado de ánimo cambio de manera impresionante, fue algo muy mágico. Me siento muy contenta y sin duda seguiría acudiendo a ella. Yo quería calmar mi ansiedad y literal de un día a otro desapareció. Muy recomendable!
— Mariana, Mexico