What are they saying?

Working with Rachelle has been amazing, she has such a beautiful energy and my sessions with her make me feel calm, relaxed, empowered and hopeful. It has opened my eyes to see obstacles in my life in a whole new way and has taken me on such a journey of growth. I have discovered that I am capable of so much than I ever thought possible. Thanks Rachelle, having you in my life has added so much more than you will know.
— Cindy - Sydney
Rachelle Trayer is an insightful and empathic practitioner with a radiant energy that can’t help but heal. I have attended both her Kinesiology practice and Breathwork sessions over the past six months and know completely that her calm and inspiring guidance has helped me through one of the most difficult periods of my life. Rachelle worked thoroughly during my Kinesiology sessions to delve deeply into the root cause of my restricted energy pathways and found the most wholistic and practical method for moving me beyond my emotional pain. I would recommend Rachelle to anyone who wishes to find a genuine and caring soul to help them on their path to healing.
— Adam - Sydney
Dear Rachelle, words can’t not express how grateful I am for all your guidance and support through both kinesiology sessions and breathing work. It has been a life changing experience that has helped me to reconnect with my true self by healing past emotions and letting them go. It has also helped me to clarify what I really want my life to be and to work towards achieving my goals in all areas of development. I’m looking forward to my next session you are really passionate about helping other people to be the best they can be and I really appreciate your kindness, professionalism, love, good energy and positive vibes. You are doing an amazing job and I would highly recommend you. THANK YOU SO MUCH, Erika
— Erika - Sydney
Since I started Kinesiology sessions with Rachelle, my life has changed for the better; helping me to align with my true self and my true life path. I am always looking forward to my next session. What draws me to her work is her friendliness, commitment and passion for helping people live their best lives. Love your work!
— Raquel - Sydney